San Diego State University Department of Psychology
Jeff Conte

A Sampling of My Former SDSU Graduate Students

      Julianna Roy (Graduated in 2021). Employee Experience Analyst at Visa. Thesis on the Moderating Effects of Polychronicity in the Relationship between Job Demands and Work Outcomes.

      Rebecca Harmata (Graduated in 2020). Doctoral Student in I-O Psychology. Thesis on a Person-Centered Exploration of the HEXACO Personality Measure and Work-Related Outcomes.   

      Brandon Himes (Graduated in 2019). Human Resources Management Fellow at County of San Mateo. Thesis on Emotional Intelligence, Compassion, Personality, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors.
      Mary Yama (Graduated in 2018). Senior OD Consultant at Lumen. Thesis on Calling at Work: Relationships to Engagement, Job Satisaction, and Turnover Intent.

      Caitie Jacobson (Graduated in 2017). Talent and Culture Senior Advisor at Dell. Thesis Investigating Personality-Performance Relationships with a Person-Centered Approach.

      Casey O’Loughlin (Graduated in 2016). eLearning Instructional Designer at Petco. Thesis Investigating the Relationships Between Polychronicity and Work-Family Conflict, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors, and Burnout.

      Josh Carlsen (Graduated in 2015). Senior Account Exec at Yelp. Thesis Investigating How Engagement Moderates the Relationship Between Personality and Work Outcomes.  

      Bryan Aasen (Graduated in 2014). Senior HR Research and Analysis Advisor, San Diego Gas & Electric. Thesis on How Polychronicity Moderates Relationships Between Work-Family Conflict and Work Outcomes.

      Fiona Mraz (Graduated in 2012). People Analytics Lead at Stitch Fix. Thesis on Predicting Job Performance and Job Satisfaction: An Examination of the Five Factor Model of Personality, Polychronicity and Role Overload.  

      Nichole Miller (Graduated in 2011). HR Analyst at University of Washington Medicine. Thesis on Emotional Intelligence and Academic Performance: An Evaluation of Moderated Effects.

      Stephanie McGinty (Graduated in 2011). Senior Manager, Human Resources at Qualcomm. Thesis on Intercultural Effectiveness and Personality as Predictors of Performance in Multicultural Workers.

      Chris Atkinson (Graduated in 2011). Organizational Strategy Consultant at CPS HR Consulting. Thesis on Examining Generational differences in Work Life Balance, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment.

      Zack Girgis (Graduated in 2010). Senior HR Business Partner at LinkedIn. Thesis on Predicting Multitasking Performance and Understanding the Nomological Network of Polychronicity.

      Alice Wastag (Graduated in 2009). Partner and Senior Consultant at Denison Consulting. Thesis on Validity Evidence Linking Polychronicity with Time Urgency Behaviors.

      Nora Grace French (Graduated in 2007). Senior Technical Specialist at ICF International in Columbia, MD.  Thesis on An Examination of the Relationship between Stress, Health, and Their Moderators.

      Kristin Graner (Graduated in 2007). Training Specialist at ICW Group. Thesis on Training and Development Opportunities as Predictors of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction in Gen X Employees.

      Angelina Carmazzi Sawitsky (Graduated in 2006). Independent HR Consultant.  Thesis on Stress as a mediator of the relationship between individual traits and employee performance.

      Fabio de Faria (Graduated in 2004). Human Capital Insights Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. Thesis on The predictive validity of the time urgency, impatience/irritability and achievement striving components of the Type A Behavior Pattern.

      Melissa Ellefsen (Graduated in 2003). Owner at Body Bling Designs.  Thesis on the incremental validity of time urgency for the prediction of job satisfaction and job performance.

      Jeremy Gintoft (Graduated in 2002). Director of Organization Effectiveness at MedImpact in San Diego. Thesis on Polychronicity, Big Five personality dimensions, and sales performance.   

      Eileen Reisert Azzara (Graduated in 2002). Organizational Listening Manager, 3M. Thesis on Relationships between subfactors of Conscientiousness and constructive and destructive behavioral intentions.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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