San Diego State University Department of Psychology
Jeffrey M. Conte

         Conte, J. M., Landy, F. J., & Mathieu, J. E. (1995). Time urgency: Conceptual and construct development. Journal of Applied Psychology, 80, 178-185.

While time urgency is seen as unidimensional in traditional measures of the Type A Behavior Pattern, Landy, Rastegary, Thayer, and Colvin (1991) concluded that it is a multidimensional construct.  They developed behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) that correspond to seven dimensions of time urgency.  This multitrait-multimethod study employed four raters' evaluations of 183 students at two times to examine the construct validity of the BARS measures.  This study also investigated environmental and individual difference variables that were linked to time urgency.  Confirmatory factor analyses failed to support a hypothesized seven-dimension, four-method solution, but did evidence good fit indices for a five-dimension, four-method model.  Potential directions for future research on time urgency are discussed. (Copyright 1995, American Psychological Association).