San Diego State University Department of Psychology
Jeffrey M. Conte

          Jacobs, R. R., Conte, J. M., Day, D. V., Silva, J., & Harris, R. M. (1996). Selecting bus drivers: Multiple predictors, multiple perspectives on validity, and multiple estimates of utility. Human Performance, 9, 199-217.

Hypothesized that improved selection techniques that screen out undesirable drivers and select applicants with the potential for lower absenteeism rates and safer driving behaviors should result in more cost-effective operations. Criterion measures were developed to assess the validity of a variety of measures that might aid in the forecasting of job performance for 864 bus operators representing 9 bus properties. Job analysis information converged on a tripartite theory of performance that can be described as requiring a bus operator to "Be There, Be Safe, and Be Courteous." A predictor composite was created that successfully predicted supervisory ratings of performance and objective absence and accidents. Utility analyses indicated that the predictor composite could be employed to reduce the overall operating expenses of bus transit agencies by over 500,000. (Copyright 1996, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.).