San Diego State University Department of Psychology
Jeffrey M. Conte

         Day, D. V., Bedeian, A. G., & Conte, J. M. (1998). Personality as a predictor of work-related attitudes and propensity to quit: Test of a mediated latent structural model. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 28, 2068-2088.

Examined the role of personality in predicting work-related outcomes, using structural equation modeling. Data were taken from 1,098 accounting professionals. Latent personality constructs based on scales from the California Psychological Inventory were specified and tested in a confirmatory measurement model, along with the attitudinal constructs of communication adequacy, role stress, job satisfaction, and propensity to quit. The results of confirmatory factor analyses indicate that the hypothesized personality constructs of extraversion, control, and flexibility are adequately supported by the data, as are each of the attitudinal constructs. Results from the tested structural model indicate that personality effects on propensity to quit are fully mediated by role stress and job satisfaction. Results are discussed in terms of successfully modeling completely latent, multifaceted personality constructs and better understanding the propensity to quit. (Copyright 1998, V. H. Winston & Son, Inc.).