San Diego State University Department of Psychology
Jeffrey M. Conte

        Conte, J. M., Rizzuto, T. E., & Steiner, D. D. (1999). A construct-oriented analysis of individual-level polychronicity. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 14, 269-287.

This paper provided construct validity evidence for polychronicity in two related studies.  Study 1 assessed the relationship between individuals' stated polychronicity preferences and peer ratings of polychronicity in a multitrait-multimethod design, which indicated that different raters were able to agree about an individual's polychronicity.  Additional construct validity evidence was provided by linking polychronicity to several potentially related constructs such as achievement striving, impatience/irritability, stress, and performance.  In study 2, hypothesized relationships between polychronicity and both time urgency and time management behavior dimensions were supported.  In addition, similar relationships between polychronicity and time urgency dimensions were identified across French and American samples.  Together, these two studies provide a clearer understanding of the correlates and potential outcomes of polychronicity.  Directions for future research were also discussed. (Copyright 1999, MCB University Press, Ltd.)