San Diego State UniversityDepartment of Psychology
Jeffrey M. Conte

       Waller, M. J., Conte, J. M., Gibson, G., & Carpenter, A. (2001). The impact of individual time perception on team performance under deadline conditions. Academy of Management Review, 26, 586-600.


The focus of this paper concerns perceptions of deadlines among team members, and how these perceptions influence team performance under deadline conditions.  Based on a review of existing literature, we propose that two time-oriented individual differences – time urgency and time perspective – influence team members’ perceptions of deadlines.  We present propositions that describe how time urgency and time perspective affect individuals’ deadline perceptions and subsequent deadline-oriented behaviors, and how different deadline perceptions and behaviors among team members affect the ability of teams to meet deadlines.  The paper closes with implications for existing theory and future research. (Copyright 2001, Academy of Management Review).